The more I think about it, the angrier the story of Adam and Eve makes me.

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I was pretty upset when my stepdaughter (15 or so at the time) was told that women have periods, cramps, and pain in pregnancy/labor because, literally, of what Eve did in the garden of Eden. She was not told this as some kind of allegory. She was told this as factual information so that she would not complain and I guess respect men more? This was told to her at youth group in Missouri.


I rather like this analogy. Give a Christian this situation and see what they think. Some guy is cleaning his gun. He loads it and then puts it on the table and tells his 3-year-old not to touch it. He then leaves. The 3-year-old picks up the gun, shoots and kills his 1-year-old sibling. Who is at fault? Unless the Christian says, “Obviously the three year old is at fault and he must be tried as an adult and him and every offspring he ever has must spend the rest of their lives in jail”… then they are hypocrites. Yes, I know the offspring and jail thing… work with me. They will likely say “the guy was at fault.” But that is the exact story of the Fall… except God is the guy.


Haha. In his omnipotence, God was so surprised. That’s classic.


If an abuser can’t find a reason to hurt someone, they’ll manufacture one. There are so many parallels to God’s behavior and domestic abuse it’s insane.


For me it was Lot’s wife. Turning her into a pillar of salt for looking over her shoulder at their home being nuked from orbit? Dick move, bruh.