The old king was suspicious of the young queen cheating on him.

So, with the help of a witch, he placed an invisible blade in the Queen’s Hoo-Haw. 3 days later, the King summoned all the men he suspected and ordered them to take of their pants. To the King’s surprise, he found that all their penises had cuts in them from the blade, except for the minister’s penis. The king immediately ordered the execution of the men . He then turned to the minister and said “Of all the men close to me, you are the only one loyal”. ” You are not just my minister, but my closest friend as well”. The minister was elated and replied with tears in his eyes. “Slankyou my lord”.

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Turns out the minister was a cunning linguist.


The lesson here: that’s why you should start with foreplay.


I thought it was gunna be cuz he put it in her trash chute but still made me nose exhale.


Wasn’t “The Queen’s Hoo-Haw” an episode of the Game of Thrones?


After the first three men got cuts on their johnsons, the queen must have known what was going on and yet still continued to seduce courtiers. Queen’s got her own agenda.