The tooth fairy teaches us to sell our body parts for money.

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Oh shit


_detached_ body parts. there’s also the adult version… the blood fairy. You don’t get financial rewards, but the health benefits are great.


Showerthoughts like this are how people disappear, Duck. You eat a man’s bread ($$$) and he’s liable to come for you. A lot of people have skin in that game if you’re right…


Bart (Jet Li Unleashed) My mother always used to say “get em while they’re young, the possibilities are endless” Edit: more thoughts ? When you actually go back and look at a lot of things that we grew up on and really concentrate on what you are listening to, reading or watching (unless the whole point of the material is supposed to make you feel a certain way for example horror) Then you begin to notice things you were so naive to as a child. Knowledge is fun.


Frank from the van also teaches us that