Thousands take part in pro-European demonstrations in Poland

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Of course they would, considering what they get compared to what they give. Even if the country *did* want to leave the EU, having the current shower of cunts in power leading the negotiations is basically asking for it to be a disaster.


Tusk took one look at the current PiS-poor polish ‘leadership’ and decided “Fuck it, I’ll do it myself!”, huh? Nice to see the popular support is there, even if the national political elites once again do what they can to curtail it.


At least they had the chance to see what letting ‘populist’ nationalist idiots pull your nation out of the EU actually accomplishes – I wish the UK had had some example to look at before the gammons got their wish.


Now watch the BBC ignore that in favour of another damn stupid Polexit story, or at least never mention it at all. Even they cant resist to write hopeful Brexit stories about how others will follow.


The street doesn’t rule. The urns do.