TIL as the Apollo 11 mission returned to Earth, a bearing at the Guam tracking station failed. Knowing it could not be properly fixed in time, the station director had his 10-year-old son use his small hands to make the repair and ensure the astronauts’ safe return.

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I was going to make a Wilford reference from Snowpiercer (with needing little kid hands), but then I realized Ed Harris (Wilford actor) was also in Apollo 13! Not Apollo 11, but still. That guy is great and overlooked. That is all.


The daughter of one of the guys at the Guam tracking station was on the SpaceX Inspiration 4 mission that was just completed. Her dad was one that helped ensure the safe return and then she had the opportunity to travel to space. Interesting docu-series on Netflix about the SpaceX trip.


The little boy made history


So…..you mean that it COULD be fixed but it took someone with small hands to do it.


>On the return to Earth, a bearing at the Guam tracking station failed, potentially preventing communication on the last segment of the Earth return. A regular repair was not possible in the available time but the station director, Charles Force, had his ten-year-old son Greg use his small hands to reach into the housing and pack it with grease. Greg was later thanked by Armstrong.[176] He used Greg Force to fix it.