TIL: In 1901, the assassin of President William McKinley was tried, convicted AND executed only 45 days after McKinley’s death

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So? Right to a speedy trial and all that. He shot him and it was a very public shooting. There wasn’t that much evidence to collect.


(Shot: September 6th, 1901) (Died: +8 days) Indicted: +10 days (Funeral: +13 days) Tried: +17 days Convicted: +19 days Executed: +53 days


Reading his Wikipedia article makes me think he was on the spectrum. He was blunt, socially awkward and “he had never shown any interest in friendship or romantic relationships, and was bullied during his childhood”.


They really hated anarchist asassins back then and they wanted to send a message to others.


Justice served. Must be nice.