TIL Jim Carrey was attacked at a press tour for Man on the Moon by Tony Clifton, an alter ego of Andy Kaufman. Clifton poured water on Carrey’s head and Carrey countered. They fought until Clifton was placed into a headlock and escorted away by security. Everyone’s question: “Who was that lunatic?”

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I mean it probably staged for the movie…. after watching that annoying doc about the making of? Jimmy Carrey was fucking full of himself during that period and probably orchestrated that whole event


It was Bob Zmuda. Kaufman might be dead but he and Zmuda *both* played the role of Tony Clifton so that Kaufman could occasionally be seen off-stage at the same time.


Clearly that was Andy Kaufman.


Tony Clifton is an immortal being, a god amongst men – and you’d probably know that if your mother wasn’t a whore.


Didn’t Paul Giamatti also dress as Clifton in “Man on the Moon”