TIL of the Circassian genocide, in which 80-97% of the total population were either killed or expelled by the Russian Empire.

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Circassia was located along the northern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains in modern day Russia… For the lazy ones.


People think that the Holocaust was an aberration. Sadly, genocide has a long history in human history and the only exceptional thing about the Holocaust was its scale.


TIL the Russo-Circassian War that preceded the genocide lasted 101 years!


It’s because Circassia has trash national ideas, a weak government form, low development in a sucky trade node, and a hard time finding allies. You’ll usually see them get smashed by Crimea, Great Horde, or one of the Georgian countries by like 1460 at latest. Good map color, though.


The Russians were really good at this sort of thing…