TIL orcas have specialized cultures who hunt differently. In the Pacific Northwest resident orcas feed on salmon and communicate freely, transient orcas feed on marine mammals using stealth, and offshore orcas may feed on sharks. Although the same species, no interbreeding has been observed.

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Damn racist orcas? Who knew


So your saying that there’s a chance for a Romeo and Juliet orca spin off.


As a transient Orca if just like to say 00000ooooooOoooooooooclicckclickooooooooooOO0pop


In the days before mechanisation Orcas used to herd whales into Two Fold Bay (Australian East coast) where whalers in row boats would be waiting to slaughter them. They would give the orcas the tongue, although it doesn’t seem like a big enough reward for the effort.


I read that seals can tell the difference between the two, they’ve been observed swimming around resident orcas.