TIL scientists estimate that only 5-10% of cancer is caused by genes. Cancer mostly comes from a combination of our environment, lifestyle, chance, and getting older. But if you have a bad family history of cancer, it is still a risk factor and worth discussing with your doctor.

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Not quite right.. 5-10% of cancer is caused by INHERITED genetics. All cancer is caused by gene mutations that occur after you were born (called somatic mutations). Somatic mutations are random but there are certain things that can increase someone’s somatic mutations rate (sunlight, smoking, etc).


I had breast cancer at 49, my mother had it at 40. I was part of a research project at Kaiser Permanente. One geneticist told me she believed my mother and I were exposed to a toxin when I was in the womb. I have 27 female relatives on my mothers side (Irish Catholic) and noone else has gotten breast cancer.


Yup. Worked in a cancer research center years ago, and this is what they always said. In fact, they said aside from the low incidence of purely genetic cancers, *everything* was environmental. For instance, “lifestyle-related cancers” are often really just environmental because if you spend a lot of time outdoors, skin damage from the sun resulting in cancer is “environmental” and could be prevented by changing the environment (spending more time indoors, wearing sunscreen, wearing longer clothing, etc.) And, they said 70% were environmental publicly when developing “community programs” for cancer prevention, but around the office they always said it was about 90%, but publicly said 70% because that was more believable and the difference did not appreciably affect people’s results in attempting to changing lifestyle.


>Chance So, you can make all the right moves and still lose.


More and more, scientists are finding out that cancer cells thrive in a very high blood sugar environment. Just as smoking can cause lung and other cancers, excessive sugar consumption can be linked to many cancers are well.