TIL that Curly from “The Three Stooges” saved and rescued more than 5,000 dogs during his lifetime. He used to bring stray dogs home and sheltered them until he found a home for them. When the Stooges was on tour, he found at least one stray dog a new home in every town he visited.

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He seemed like such a good guy, sucks he had to retire early or that there is only the one film with Moe, Larry, Curley and Shemp.


Curly, while being extremely extroverted, actually became kind of a shut-in the more famous the Stooges got. I read a biography about him and he literally would get assaulted by people all the time who would walk up and “Moe” him. Fingers in the eyes, kicks in the shins, chops to the throat. I know we think the general public is insanely detached when it comes to celebrities nowadays, but it was really bad for him back then, his fans seemed to not be able to distinguish real life from his fictional pratfalls and slapstick.


This is really awesome, good for him. Reminds me of when I saw the band Cake on tour. At every stop they would give a baby tree to an audience member to plant and care for. They used to have a photo gallery online of all the trees but it looks like it’s down.


Aha. That’s how they found Shemp.


Rather than politicians, generals and the like, I’d prefer to see statues of people who did uncontroversially good things. He made people laugh and gave dogs homes – the planet is better for it.