TIl that even though Henry Heimlich demonstrated his signature maneuver thousands of times throughout his life he never got the chance to use it in an actual emergency until he was 96 when he saved a women in his nursing home from choking on a burger

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“What is it Gunter?” “I have invented a maneuver.” “What are you, a bloody tank commander now?”


I saved my brother about 20 years ago using his method. During dinner, he quietly stood up and walked to the kitchen sink. My friend, who was over for dinner that night, noticed something amiss and called out to him. When he didn’t respond, I Heimlich’d him (which wasn’t easy because he’s a rather large guy). Out popped a piece of chicken. It shot out about two feet.


I wonder if he immediately had to pay his estate for use of their intellectual property.


I’m pretty thankful to this guy for making choking on burgers less lethal. I feel like that’s pretty relevant to my lifestyle.


He also did a lot of unsanctioned experiments in Africa trying to cure AIDS by giving people malaria in the hopes that the very high fever would kill the virus. It never worked, but he kept trying causing untold agony and death. ​ He felt he “had another one in him”, and kept going despite never getting any evidence that he was on the right track. ​ Scumbag. He came up with a good anti-choking practice, but was still a scumbag.