TIL that In 1971, former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Jeremy Spencer went AWOL before a gig at LA’s Whiskey A Go Go and couldn’t be found for weeks. The band eventually tracked him down and discovered that he joined the religious cult Children Of God and formed a band of his own with the members.

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If you don’t know anything about this cult, this one encourages child sex abuse. The leader wrote about his incest at length and their history is truly disturbing.


Years ago I fell down a rabbit hole learning about this cult. Holy moly are they sick. Just the fact they are an international group operating through out the world for decades is scary.


The guy wanted out of the band badly just went a dumb way to do it.


Famous for “flirty fishing” Basically prostitution for Jesus.


“You make more money as a leader, but you have more fun as a follower. — Creed Bratton” — Lord_Mormont