TIL The Black Walnut tree wages biological warfare on everything around it. Producing a toxin that controls both plants and insects in its surrounding soil that it can recycle by reabsorbing and storing for future use.

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I have 3 in My front yard, can confirm… Also during rain don’t look up under them , it stings like lemon juice


I have lot on my property and I have NEVER seen so many walnuts before this year. They must go on production cycles becuase there has never been this many before. I can walk across parts of my lawn without stepping on the ground. I didn’t bother raking them becuase there isn’t enough time in a month to do it. There’s a few branches that hang over my house and on several occasions this year it’s sound like someone fell on my roof and tumbled off. I wear a hard hat when cutting my lawn. I’m certain my neighbors think I’m insane.


I thought it was just trying to kill me by dropping those huge rock like nuts on me!


As a landscaper we called them the “assholes of the tree world.” I think that most of North America was a forest not unlike the Amazon and therefore there’s basically no chance for a new tree to get a start until others are knocked down. When a tree falls in a dense forest, the race is on to capitalize on the available sunlight. Walnuts grow faster, throw chemical grenades, and spread via giant balls that small mammals just love to carry and bury all over the place. I think the fast growth makes them structurally weaker, which they’ve turned into a douchey asset. They constantly drop big limbs onto other trees, and when they fall over they seem to do more than average damage to other trees–because they’ve thought of every dick move. (To be fair, humans may have taught them this by selection. Apparently it’s an age-old trick to beat the hell out of a walnut with a tree branch to get it to drop a bunch of useful deadwood for a fire without killing the tree.) This time of year on a motorcycle or moped, they seem like they’re actively trying to bleed you out over their roots at that bend in the road. I guess that’s why I really hate them so much, is the riding hazard. Where I live there are walnuts everywhere and nobody alive ever wanted one or deliberately planted one. They’re just the Tommy Vercetti of trees, run amok in a world of malevolent opportunity.


Apparently tomatoes (perhaps all nightshades IDK) are the most susceptible to it, my parents moved into a house with a big black walnut on the neighbors property, they would up trucking in new soil several times but could never get the damn tomatoes to grow more than a year or two before the soil would be contaminated. Now the tree’s gone and my parents are divorced. lol maybe if the tomatoes would have worked…