Today I learned that Asian hair is different. Each hair is thicker and stiffer, but there are fewer hairs per square inch when compared with white or Latino men.

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Ask any barber or hair stylist. Asian hair is the hardest to cut.


And their pubic hair is naturally pixelated.


It’s a night mare to get it cut and not have a shower afterwards. The little short bits of cut hair are like sharp wires. I once had a tiny bleeding wound on my hand after a haircut. I thought it was from a sliver of aluminum from a project I was working on. After pulling the embedded object out with tweezers, it turned out to be a fragment of my hair that had impaled my skin.


You should try having mixed south Asian and Afro hair. It’s all different textures and a nightmare.


It tangles less easily too. That’s why in Japan hair dressers are a nightmare to go to if you’re not an Asian woman. Hair cuts will usually offer a shampoo included in the price, and the way they wash the hair can be very damaging and cause tangling. Especially as they immediately dry it and then start to comb it from the top of the head down. Lost a chunk of hair at a hair dresser not knowing that. I had mid back length hair and it was a *nightmare*. I finally had to just ask for the comb and show the hair dresser how to comb it from the bottom up, as they were just grabbing the hair and making tangles become knots and offering to cut them out!