Translation: “Be patient till Wall Street finds a way so that you are a bagholder in the end. In fact, you ought to buy into our selling so that “we” (i.e Wall Street) maximize our gains”

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You mention supply chain issues, and then in the next sentence criticize the idea that demand is outpacing supply…


What’s with all these recent doom and gloom market crash posts that have been popping up on Reddit?


This is the case at the end of every bull market, but it’s hard to know when to get out or back in. It’s better to stay in but with solid companies which will recover after the eventual crash and recession. And don’t invest money you will need any time soon unless you don’t mind selling it at a crashed value.


Why is like every subreddit in finance fucking filled with conspiracy theories anymore? Like god it’s getting old. Why can’t the news just be mostly accurate? Like just wtf. This happened like last year after the robinhood fiasco. Like shit, not everything in the world is lying to you


Totally agree. And most of us don’t have algorithms buying and selling automatically for us, so If a plunge were to happen, even the fastest selling fingers will lose out to the computers stationed in the office next to the exchange. I’m a believer in Jeremy Grantham assessments. And I pulled 85% of my retirement nest egg out of US equities in late July, not long before the August peak. The remaining 15% is mostly in international since their P/E values aren’t as insane and they won’t likely take the same hit.