US Marshals could go after Trump aides as Liz Cheney vows charges for those who dodge subpoenas. Democrat says committee has ‘engaged with a wide variety of law enforcement offices’.

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Liz Cheney is a Republican.


Liz Cheney is definitely NOT a democrat. In fact she used to be the 3rd most powerful GOP member in the House until the leopards ate her face.


throw these dipshits in the clink. Bannon and Stone especially


Could, May, Might, Possibly… Let me know when these criminals get their homes raided at 4am and are purp walked into a jail cell.


I despise Liz Cheney’s politics but any Republican who will stand against their own party will get some support from me and definitely some respect. I don’t care about her motives, I don’t care how she will use this to her advantage later. Standing against Trump and the GOP’s threat to democracy is one of the most important fights this country has ever seen. And that’s not being over dramatic, if anything I’m understating it. The future of America is truly at stake. Politicians say this all the time over one issue or another but this is the most legitimate threat to democracy that the US has seen since World War II and it’s coming from within.