What are some easy ways to add leady greens like Spinach and Lettuce to meals?

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I add a handful of spinach/greens to almost everything; tear it into eggs, add to smoothies, chop into rice, toss into proteins. I add towards the end usually as it shrinks down quickly when cooking.


Cooked spinach tastes good in any pasta dish Quiche/ frittata/ omelette with egg and spinach In smoothies (especially with berries) Adding kale to chicken salad with raisins is superb!


Take handful of spinach, put in meal.


Spinach melts into any stewed/braised dishes. I’m particularly fond of just dumping a pack of frozen spinach into curries, with which it goes really well. Lettuce, if you’re tired of salads, you can use leaves of lettuce stuffed with deli meats to make ‘lettuce wraps’. Even if you are sick of salads, I would urge you to try dumping your lettuce into a large mixing bowl and chopping it up with scissors before massaging in your dressing. Something about making salad ‘fork sized’ (think SweetGreen style salads) makes it way more enjoyable to eat.


My spouse and I frequently add fistfuls of spinach/greens to our blender drinks with protein powder. It’s a bit utilitarian, but if you get the proportions right, you hardly notice them in there.