What are some good things to eat on a calorie restriction diet?

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I’ve been counting calories for 18 months, and the one thing I’ve learned is not to assume the food I want to eat is out of the question. I highly recommend starting off by simply tracking the calories first, then reducing from there.


SOUP. I’m trying to average around 1,200 calories a day, and I’ve come to appreciate the humble bowl of soup so much! Soups are warm, flavorful, comforting, and filling, yet often surprisingly low in calories. There are a million different varieties too! A lot of fast-casual places like Newks or Panera have delicious low calories soups, so I can make a choice that fits my goals even when I want to be lazy and get takeout. And many soups freeze well, so if you plan ahead and freeze individual serving sizes of your left overs, you can keep a supply of tasty homemade soups handy for lazy dinners at home.


Vegetables are never a bad idea. For breakfast, I have things like oatmeal (made with egg whites for extra protein), bran cereal, rice cakes or banana with peanut butter, and yogurt with fruit. For snacks, I’ll have raw vegetables, broth, sugar-free gelatin, protein bar/shake, canned pumpkin mixed with cocoa and/or peanut putter powder, plain Greek yogurt with cereal, pickles and cheese, and fruit. When on a calorie deficit, things with fat, fiber, and protein tend to be more filling than straight carbs.


You’re looking for things that make you feel full. This doesn’t just mean filling up on high volume foods: you can eat a whole watermelon and still be hungry two hours later. I feel full when I eat something high in fiber, protein, and fat. Fat might be high calorie, but is essential for me to feel fuller, longer. For example, a high satiety breakfast would be oatmeal (complex carbs, fiber) with nuts (fats) and egg whites (protein). This keeps me well fed for the whole morning.


Hey man I’ve found after years of calorie counting that a decent general rule is that the best way to feel satisfied and full and keep calories low is to focus on eating: 1. Soup 2. Salad 3. Vegetables 4. Lean meat/eggs If you start your day and/or build your diet plan around that you will be golden. And the one other tip is to drink a lot of water. Dehydration often manifests as hunger cravings.