What is something you wish that you knew earlier in life about the opposite gender?

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They are just as insecure as we are


They are just as screwed up as we are.


That boobs are heavy as fuck


The fact that women sometimes aren’t trying to fix it. There is that nail in the head skit and it’s so fucking accurate but learning to ask ‘do you want advice or do you want me to just listen’ was one of the more important things in having a good relationship


Men may miss the affection from childhood. Like a simple hug, kiss on top of the head or pats on backs or shoulder. Also to hear that someone cares and loves them. If you didn’t get one today or in the future… I am sending virtual hugs and top of the head (don’t be a pervy) kisses to you all. —- Thanks all. My dad passed some time ago. He was so affectionate as were the men in his family. It was, or still is, so weird to me that this isn’t normal behavior for men. In his honor, a big hug, eye contact, kiss on the head and a head rub to you all. I know he would want this and give it himself if he were still with us .