What is the shittiest place you’ve visited?

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The Salton Sea made me sad. There was so much hope around this place. Now if you visit: it’s a very poor town, the sand sucks your shoes off and smells awful, and the stench of dead fish permeates the air. Now their only bar presents as a David Lynch nightmare if you go.


Ever been into an office building where maintenance quit and the real estate company hasn’t hired replacements in six months? Every broad office floor of cubicles looks like it’s in a zombie movie. Half of the flourescent tube lights are dead or flickering from a bad ballast. Some places the air is a bit too cold and dry, while in others its too hot and humid. Enough to make you think there might be mold growing on the walls. It’s like a massive fat bloated man was breathing his stinking breath on your neck. Oh and the bathrooms. Ohhhhh the bathrooms. I’m not even going to describe that. I’d rather not revisit the memory. The breakroom sinks weren’t bad though. But then, people are more likely to take care of things they actually have to use. It’s not as ‘fire and forget’ as a men’s room. Except for the one breakroom where I felt someone mixed up the two types of rooms and figured ‘a drain is a drain’. A corporation in the final stages of decline is a sad creature.


Barstow, CA. Imagine if an entire town was one big sketchy ass truck stop.


Zinc, Arkansas. It felt like I stumbled into the movie set for House of Wax, Children of the Corn and Deliverance all in one place. They had a hair salon/mechanic/courthouse/ jail all in one building. The judge’s wife was the hair stylist, the judge was also the mechanic and the sheriff was his son. Fuck. That. Shit.


Duqm, Oman. Two hotels, a pizza hut, and a DFC (Duqm Fried Chicken). Also cant forget the hundreds of miles of new roads that led to… more sand and dirt. Shit was built like the first five minutes of a Sim City 2000 game.