Whats a sign that the company you’re working for is on its death strokes?

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Having been through this, they start stripping benefits. Then comes the employee reductions and wage freezes. CEO leaves.


When management calls an all-hands meeting, to assure the employees that everything’s fine.


A really subtle one is when Purchasing suddenly starts thrashing around looking for ‘new’ vendors for basic things like copier paper, pens, staples, shit like that. That means they’ve burned their existing vendors by not being able to pay bills. I’ve seen it happen at least twice. Both companies ceased to exist within 12 months.


I once worked for a company that rented medical equipment like pulse oximeters and defibrillators to hospitals across the US. Branch offices in every major city. I worked in IT, helping to run the mainframe. This was the late 1980s/early 1990s, and desktop PCs at the office were just becoming a thing. Anyway, we were extremely leveraged and one Saturday my boss calls me at home and asks me to write a massive report basically summarizing the total sales of every branch office, by hospital, in descending order of revenue. For the last five years. To put that in context, the physical output of such a report ended up being a stack of wide-carriage pin-fed computer paper that came up to my waist. I’m six-two. I knew this when I took the call and closed my eyes and said to my boss, “We’re being bought, aren’t we?” He swore me to secrecy. About 300 people worked at that HQ. We were informed we were losing our jobs by… [drum roll please] … a fucking voice mail. We came back from lunch on Friday to a company-wide VM telling us we were ‘merging’ with our next largest competitor. Of the 300 people in that office, maybe six got jobs with the merging company.


From my experience: * Long time employees are forced in to retiring * Management is constantly fighting each other * Good employees quit without cause * Company is behind on their payables or they’re scrambling to find new vendors * A LOT of closed door meetings between management * Consultants are brought in * Hours are cut * Benefits are cut * Wage freeze