What’s a terrible habit that you kicked long ago, but are still fearful that it’ll come back?

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My toxic personality traits. I grew up in a mentally abusive home and I’m ashamed to admit that the abuse wasn’t a one-way street. I learned how to lie and manipulate as well as how to come up with vile insults that cut deep. It took years of being away from my family to overcome those traits but I still have to catch myself from falling into those patterns whenever I’m under stress.


Just simply not caring enough and becoming numb to the world around me. It’s very easy to just give up on being active and participate in this life; to not feel sadness but not enjoy happiness.




Biting my nails


I used to over eat all the time. From my early teens to my mid 20s I was a real binge eater Years of therapy later I don’t think I have had a big eating episode in years. I still worry all the time, to the point where I’m almost worried I’ll create other issues since eating disorders tend to change over time. But yeah I avoid everything buffet related, I try and favor good foods and exercise regularly but damn, there are days I remember what my body felt like and I get worried I’ll end up back there