When people who use heroin used a safe consumption site, they disposed of significantly fewer syringes in public places, including streets, sidewalks, parks, or parking lots, compared to people not using the site. (n=494, 2018-2020, cohort study)

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So they installed a place for them to do drugs and put their used needles but 42% said, nahhhh, I’d rather throw them in the gutter. I dont know if this was meant to be inspiring, but that doesn’t inspire me


Sometimes I find these studies depressing (I wish we could help them off the drugs) but I remind myself there is value in harm reduction, so harm elimination is not the only thing that counts.


I wonder if these safe consumption spaces are setup to be amenable to the heroin experience. Like beanbag chairs?


I have an idea. How about a needle exchange where users actually have to exchange old needles to get new ones? SF’s “needle exchange” is just a free needle giveaway.


1 problem is what these people are doing in these communities when they’re not using the site.