White House says Walmart, FedEx, UPS will move to 24/7 model to address supply chain bottlenecks

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Does that mean delivery drivers out delivering in the middle of the night? Or only distribution centers? The article mentions trucking and freight but truckers already typically operate at the maximum amount of hours allowed by the DOT per day (which is 13 hours of driving).


This changes nothing. You can’t keep the factories and trucks/ships moving 24/7 without workers to operate them. Most places also typically pay more for overnight workers, and that cost will just be passed down to the consumers.


The hardest thing about watching all of this, is knowing that only 6 corporations run everything, and yest we are supposed to believe they act independently of each other. Fuck it, I’m starting this as a thread. Discuss.


Seems like that would hurt the bottom line. Sure you get more out of capital costs, but surely that will have major impact on personel expenses.


Maybe it’s different in the states, but most truck drivers I’ve talked to in Canada are paid by the mile or per trip. I can imagine making trips when there isn’t other traffic on the road is going to be far better paying than trying to drive through LA traffic. If I was a truck driver, I’d welcome this with open arms. Shorter distance trips I can now get more trips done before/after most people are on the road and longer trips I can pickup and be out of town before traffic gets bad. Could be I’m completely out to lunch though.