Why Catholic Hospitals Are Bad for America

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I just remember that court ruling recently where they ruled it was within the rights of orphanages run by the Catholic Church to deny people an adoption based on their sexual orientation. And then I thought, yes… Certainly, the Catholic Church knows what’s best for children. Wouldn’t want them sexually assaulted or buried in mass graves


Religious organizations should be banned from providing public services like hospitals, schools, homeless shelters and retirement homes. These services are secular and should always been equally available to all.


Mom received chemo in Catholic Hospital, crucifix everywhere. The other hospital was Baptists. Not sure which is worse.


Apparently catholic anything is bad everywhere it seems. Just a big pedo ring.


The article’s dateline says August 13. So the article is 2 months old. And Hemant’s name is misspelled as Hemnat. Substack needs to improve its game. Imho it takes a big risk in publishing “editorials” in the first place. It strikes me as a potential disservice to it’s hosted content generators, because if there’s a scandal over something in an editorial, it could negatively affect everyone who uses the site. In these days of rampant Cancel Culture, that’s a very real risk.