William Shatner’s response…..

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Bill had a profound existential moment and wants to describe his experience, and that absolute doofus Bezos isn’t listening sprays champagne all over him. What a disgrace. Shatner has the heart of an astronaut. The rest of them were tourists.


That was really cool to see. My man was having an existential crisis on live tv. Was very raw and exactly how I think I would feel if I ever had the chance to do that. Just in awe of how small everything is. Very Sagan like response. Will have to find the clip


Who were those clowns screaming „Whoo“ all over Shatners monologue?


I really hope he writes about his experience. He had such a visibly profound experience, he literally contemplated life, death and everything in between. If someone here knows him or knows someone from his team: please make it happen!


I watched it live and it was clear Shatner had a profound and emotional experience and was struggling to recall all he’d seen and express it in words. Meanwhile the billionaires and their entourage are more interested in Champagne and whoop whooping, what a contrast. There was only one person here who came out of this with any dignity, live long and prosper Will and I can say there were a few tears here as well.