Wolf pups ‘adopted’ by Idaho high schoolers killed by federal agents

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I naively thought there must have been a reason for it at first. Sometimes wild animals that have too much contact with humans have to be put down so they don’t come looking to us for food and endanger themselves and others. But no, they killed 8 pups to reduce the population and drive out the adults.


What the hell is wrong with people? There are already only 1,500 of them in the state and one of the main reasons they gave was to make it easier for big game hunters who have to compete with them. The other reason was to reduce issues for cattle farmers. The senator who said and allowed this is a cattle dealer.


>*The Endangered Species Act of 1974 created federal protections that saved the species from extinction and led to sustained population recovery efforts.* > >*But the animals were delisted by the Trump administration last October…* Because, of course.


A heart as black as coal to do that…


They were NOT pets of the students. They were being studied and tracked by them. It was a symbolic adoption. Thank the state dominated, Republican legislature for the cull.