Yes, I too dislike Blue Origin. No, William Shatner going to space was absolutely BADASS.

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I was impressed a 90 year old could climb all those stairs to get into the ship!


I felt so bad for Shatner after they landed. It was clear he was deeply moved by the experience and was trying to talk about it, and everyone else just screamed a bunch and showered champagne all over while ignoring him. It was pretty clear who was genuinely touched by the experience, and for who it was just a ride like a rollercoaster. To each their own, I guess


What is the most amazing to me is that his voice seems basically perfect. Maybe he didn’t smoke like a chimney as all his contemporaries did?


If it wasn’t amazing we wouldn’t be talking about it. The very fact people are talking about it makes it notable. That said blue origin has miles and miles and MILES of shit to dig themselves out of. Everything from being behind technologically to slowing down progress of other competitors to, well, at its core being a vanity project. Thanks for the show Blue Origin. Keep going. Nobody is hurt by you actually doing stuff but keep your fuckin lawyers on a leash.


Interesting to see that space travel/tourism is becoming something normal, slowly but surely.