‘You guys failed’: Talks of multiple sexual assaults dominate Loudoun school board meeting

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> “You guys failed. Sexual assaults happening in public schools is unacceptable and should never happen,” said Linda Killen. 100%. There shouldn’t be sexual assault in ANY educational venue (or really anywhere). The school should be held accountable, especially considering the same student is the perpetrator.


Great news sorry that will be left behind on reddit because it doesn’t involve the political circle jerk support system. Father gets arrested months ago and there are thousands of hateful messages about him. Truth comes out and we’ll we are at 48 comments? Edit 200 comments.


When those we entrust with our children are more concerned about politics than the safety of the children under their care. JUST SICK…


So basically, they didn’t act the first time and so they had a second instance of the same student doing the same thing. Yeah. That sounds about par for the course. Schools (be they grade schools or universities, public or not, religious or not) have been consistently behind the curve as far as sexual assault goes. And it doesn’t really seem to matter all that much whether the perpetrator is a teacher/doctor/whatever, a ‘privileged’ student like a top-tier athlete, or even just a regular student.


i live in loudon county and seeing all this on national news is shocking. never thought something so awful would happen right next door