Attorney accuses Arbery advocates of `lynching’ defendants

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This dude is just a huge fucking piece of shit, huh?


Lynching involves murder not putting people on trial. Trials are conspicuously absent from lynchings. Pretty rich hypocrisy from the lawyer defending people who more or less lynched someone.


A little more context on the reason *why* he made this remark. From the article: He made the lynching remark after prosecutor Linda Dunikoski accused Gough of intentionally provoking outrage among Black pastors and civil rights activists. “They are responding to what he strategically, knowingly, intelligently did so that there would be a response so that he could then complain of it,” Dunikoski said. “That is good lawyering right there. Because now he’s motioned for a mistrial based on something that he caused.” This makes it even worse for me, the guy absolutely knows that his statement is going to make people see red and he’s using that to try and help these kkk wannabes get away with murder.


So putting a bunch of dummies on trial for a murder that they’re recorded by themselves is now analogous to lynching someone Clown world


> He told the judge his client’s right to a fair trial was being violated by a “left woke mob.” Man oh man does that sound familiar… hmmm… can’t imagine why prosecuting, or demanding to have them charged (since that’s what it took when the case was suppressed to bring it to the light), a bunch of murderers is now being a “left woke mob”