Beneficiary confused over late father’s 401k funds.

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I would contact his work’s HR department and get in touch with the 401k administrator from there. I hate to say it, but it sounds like she’s lying.


She was trying to give you 10k when you’re actually entitled to 100k. She tried cheating you out of your fathers money plain and simple


She was clearly lying to you…even if she requested HR to cut her the check and she in turn will cut you a check I doubt very much if HR would have complied with that request. HR is required to disburse the money based on the documents they have on hand or they would be in serious legal trouble if they did otherwise.


> I called my step mother a couple of days ago and told her the situation, and she said I wasn’t supposed to receive a check because she asked the HR person to send all of the money to her so that she could write a personal check out to me for the amount I was supposed to get (10k). That’s not how it works. If you are a named beneficiary on the account, the portion you are entitled to can only be paid to you, not to anyone else. She wouldn’t have been able to do what she describes. > I’m thinking the HR department made a mistake, or my father’s wife has been lying to me about how much cash was available in his 401k to begin with. Either one is plausible. I would probably start with contacting the HR department and the 401k plan administrator to make sure there was no error on their end.


It is unlikely that the money was distributed to you in error. You could have been the sole or majority beneficiary and it was never changed to your father’s wife. This is very strange and one beneficiary doesn’t get all of the money for them to distribute to the other ones. That is not the way it works. Contact HR at work.