Chemical emitted by babies could make men more docile, women more aggressive

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“Psychological experiments of the kind used in the study are also notoriously difficult to replicate, he cautions.” From bottom of the news blurb, we can see that it’s best to note this result and wait for replication. Edit: The authors of the paper have a list of limitations which include: “Second, we do not know whether the concentrations of HEX that we used were physiological.”


“In fact, any explanations for how HEX may affect people are speculative, because the team hasn’t shown that either infants or adults emit enough HEX to alter people’s behavior, says biologist Tristram Wyatt of the University of Oxford, also not involved with the work.” Because men are likely to attack the offspring, it calms them down; while women are more likely to attack the attacker so it makes them more aggressive? 20% and 13% is not significant as well.


Check out the Netflix documentary about Babies if you are interested. It turns out “mommy brain”, which we used to think was triggered by pregnancy and childbirth, is actually triggered by the infant. Proximity over time with the infant will change your brain structure, male or female. They can see the same changes in gay couples with adopted children in brain scans of the parents.


I wonder how much of this plays into rat utopia experiments and the, seemingly (but this might explain it) unconscious behavioural changes of the entire group in high population density?


“researchers isolated the odorless compound and piped it into mouse cages, it had a relaxing effect on the animals” My brain pictured a babies face in an old phonograph with the narrow end of the flaring horn in a mouse cage.