MrBeast Now Wants to Save the Oceans With ‘Team Seas’ and the Internet is here for it

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I’m not a fan of his more clickbaity content, but I do enjoy the fact he’s a manifestation of peoples daydreams about what they’d do if they had money or clout.


How is teamtrees going? Are they still planting trees rn? Would love to see the progress


As these comments show, you can use your money for global good and still be a sleazeball for simply doing whatever you want with your riches.


I just want to put in perspective for people. If team seas accomplishes thier 30 million dollar objective, they will have removed 1/1000th of the plastic in the ocean. 0.1% So please go ahead and donate, but be aware this is a big big issue/project and Mr. Beast is not single handedly fixing the ocean. [Edit] Ocean cleanup is super super important and all journeys start with a first step. I just don’t want people to feel morally licenced because they’re already fixed the ocean by donating to Mr Beast.


Seems like an alright dude