What’s the deal with PayPal? Is this a good time to buy?

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Yes but Amazon just added Venmo who owned by PayPal. They should be on the rise


I’m buying PayPal so it’s a yes for me


I would definitely start or add a small amount to an existing position. I would compare PayPal’s current situation to what Netflix was experiencing about a year ago. Market leader, but becoming very competitive in their respective fields. They are operating very well, but not growing as much as some competitors, (which is expected, given their size) so naturally people see this and find it less attractive than faster growing peers… for now. At some point these younger ones will either… 1)mature and slow Or 2) never turn a profit and either get bought or go under. NFLX nutted up and brought great content to bring in more subs, Pypl is a solid investment as is, that can be great if they can nut up and make a big splash somewhere. (I actually liked the Pins idea) but even if they don’t I see competition being less appealing as they slow, and only see sq as a real competitor.


IMO the growth is still stable, good balance sheet and i see this as an overreaction. It is a stable stock and i guess if 10-30% in the next 6 months is fine for you, you should pick it up.


I opened a massive position at $199 yesterday.