A CNN reporter tried Tesla’s Full Self-Driving in New York City. It kept trying to turn into oncoming traffic

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Thank God we have Business Insider around to paraphrase CNN for us.


Alternative headline: ” Tesla’s Full Self-Driving car becomes self-aware during drive test in New York City traffic and decides to kill itself as it is the easier option.”


“I suspect that article was written before the drive even took place,” [Musk] said. What an asshat.


I have FSD, and I wouldn’t feel safe using it in a city, or an urban environment. My experience has been that FSD is nice on long drives on the highway. The car can speed up/slow down and change lanes, all while I’m still paying attention and ready to take over in a second’s notice. If you want to just plug in an address and have the car take you there safely, FSD is just not ready yet. It probably will be in the future, just not as of 2021.


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