Adele gets Spotify to take shuffle button off all album pages

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If she really wanted to fix this, there’s one solution that prog rock and metal have found decades ago : only make one song, but make it 45min long. Problem solved.


> However, the shuffle symbol – two intersecting arrows – still appears on individual album tracks. This means it is still possible to start listening to albums on any track and opt for songs to be played in a random order. Spotify acting like they removed shuffle, Adele thanking them for removing shuffle, shuffle still there. Pretty obnoxious request to begin with but the fact shes thanking them and its still there is real smooth brain stuff


This doesn’t remove shuffle, it just makes the play button default to playing in order rather than shuffling. I think this is a good thing. If I’m going to listen to a playlist, sure shuffle it up, but I’d rather listen to an album in order. Not that Spotify is all that great at shuffling anyway. From my experience, shuffling songs on spotify seems to just be “play the songs in this other order” rather than actually shuffling the songs. It’s always the same order.


This is a non-story. The shuffle button is still there. It’s just not on, by default.


I think the world is going to be fine.