Am I allowed to stand at the entrance of a church to hand out fliers promoting Atheism?

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>I’m tempted to print off some of my own literature and give them a dose of their own medicine. I can see why, but chances are you will annoy people who never bothered you in the first place. If you want to do this, then perhaps make flyers that say: “Stop handing out Christian flyers at our home” or something. Then you show them that the issue is their propaganda rather than the actual beliefs.


Why would you….. that’s their bullshit practice.


I hate when people are on the street passing out or talking on loud speakers about god and how he can save you, or eternity in hell. Blah blah. Don’t be that same person.


It is probably legal in the US as long as you are on the street right-of-way. Check with your local government (probably the planning department if you are in a city). But please don’t. Handing out fliers like this would only confirm their feelings of persecution. You would be giving the pastor of the church a lot of material to use in sermons to convince them that atheists are the spawn of Satan.


Be the better person.