Four injured in terrorist shooting attack in Jerusalem’s Old City

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Fadi Abu Sahidam, 42 years old from Shuafat “refugee” camp in Jerusalem, a member of Shabab a-masjad, a part of Hamas’s “non-armed wings”, was the terrorist who woke up today, after sending his family abroad, and decided to murder random Jews in the street


Headline should read “Israeli citizen was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist.”


UK declares Hamas a terrorist organization this week. Hamas: “How dare you declare us a terrorist organization! Just for that, we’re going to commit a terrorist attack to prove to you we’re not terrorists!” This just makes the UK’s decision even more appropriate.


As an Israeli who lives here I am so tired of this bullshit… If the militaries and Hamas or whoever want to duke it out themselves they can go ahead, but the only blood spilled is that of innocents on both sides cause the actual ruling sides sre both pussies and we pay the price for wanting to live in peace.


One confirmed dead.