I Finished editing my clearest moon image ever after many days of post processing and merging 400 RAW images.(OC)

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As someone who does wedding photography and occasionally does brenizer panoramas, the idea of merging 400 raws just made my computer catch fire.


This is absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing this with us, OP.


Man.. you touched my heart with these images. Thanks for your hard work. Just to let you know it did not go for nothing. Will share it with my kids.


That is spectacular!! Is there any chance it is true color? I am guessing not, but I can hope.


Sometimes I’m like Damn, I’ve seen so many of these. Gets kinda tiring. But then I take a second to look at it and I’m always awestruck. Space, different planets, stars, the deep infinity of the vastness of space, the incomprehensible energy being shot out or exploded or shining through the light-years. So fucking cool dude 😎 Looks super hi def