LPT: HR can’t be on your side unless you make them

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TL;DR: The only way to get HR to help is to show them that helping you is in the company’s best interest. Edit: I keep seeing comments saying “if you have evidence skip HR and go right to a lawyer to sue!” That’s not how that works – if you don’t give your employer a chance to take appropriate corrective action no good lawyer is going to promise you bundles of cash, and if they do, they’re lying. You cannot hold a company liable for something if you cannot prove that the company was aware of the problem.


Good tip. Nobody ever told me that and I leaned on HR way too much when I was having a hard time at my job. Was unsurprisingly eventually let go.


I usually frame my interactions with the theme of (not outright stating this) “these are the activities that could expose the company to a lawsuit, please advise” and stuff gets done pretty well.


Exactly right here…**have documentation and everything in writing**. Anyone’s word or promise is NOT good enough. (Funny enough. I did a LPT saying to get everything in writing and it was removed, lol.)