TIL In 2007, Warren Buffett bet a hedge-fund manager that the S&P 500 would beat a portfolio of hedge funds. After 10 years, the S&P had returned 85%; the hedge funds, 22%.

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Plot twist: hedge funds still put in sp500 but pocket the difference and claim only make 22%


This was also including the 2008 crash where the S&P tanked for a while.


And that’s why 95% of my portfolio is in index funds.


One dollar mortimer!


There are now individual traders who simply follow the trades of leading members of congress, because people like Nancy Pelosi’s husband and Mitch McConnell’s wife mysteriously outperform index funds, hedge funds, and everyone else who isn’t investing with the best insider trading tips you can get. If I’m not mistaken, there are financial services companies that plan to offer index funds that follow the trades of congressional leaders, because those “public servants” are very strong signalers that a stock is about to fail epically or succeed wildly.