TIL When Hells Angels member Maurice Boucher was in jail the Indian Posse attempted to kill him by firing a bazooka at his jail cell.

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Just surface value, that’s a badass title.


This one of the wildest Wikipedia articles I’ve read in a while. What really strikes me as odd is the fact that he only served 40 months in prison for raping a 16 year old girl at gunpoint. Feels like that sort of crime typically carries a much harsher penalty, which makes me think there was probably some corruption in the justice system that led to such a lenient sentence. Either that or the 80s were just a really shitty time in Quebec. Maybe both.


Quite the rabbit hole to fall down


It wasn’t a good time to live in Quebec…


People don’t understand how wild the gang scene in Canada really is. Italian and Russian Mafias, native gangs like the Indian Posse, Native Syndicate, Terror Squad, then you got all the biker gangs like Hells Angles, Outlaws, and smaller town ones who end up working under the larger clubs.