What was the most erotic thing anyone’s ever said to you?

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So… nothing sexual actually happened. But I was snorkeling at Silfra in Iceland. We had to put on dry suits to keep ourselves warm due to the ice water. Our French tour guide, who had been flirty up to now, had me demonstrate to the tour group how to put on the dry suit since I was the only tourist with a scuba license. When she gets behind me to put a collar around my neck to secure the face mask, she whispered in my ear, “Is this the first time you’ve allowed a woman to put a collar around your neck?” in the most erotic French accent imaginable. Thank God I had a dry suit on or the whole group would have seen shifting in my pants. Yes it was the first, I hope to God it isn’t the last.


My wife was my best friend for 15 years before we got out of the friend zone, and after not seeing eachother for a couple years, we ended up in bed, which was surprising. During she said “I waited years for this and it was worth every second”. It really was, lol. Edit: I can’t believe this blew up so much! Sorry to everyone who messaged me asking how to get out of the friend zone… I wish I had a real answer that could help. Also, I apparently embarrassed my wife putting that online, which is awesome cause she is cute as hell when embarrassed.


A female classmate once told me that I have nice thighs and that she would love to have her head in between them. That was 4 years ago, I still think about it to this day. (I’m a dude btw)


“I had a sex dream about you last week.” I hadn’t seen her in two and a half years. Edit: changed “wet” to “sex” in an attempt to make people’s water jokes… null? Is that the word?


“We’re going to be together a long time. We’re going to do a lot.” Wife said it with a smirk, closed the car door and walked away. She probably doesn’t even remember but I do.