Young progressives warn that Democrats could have a youth voter problem in 2022

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That group was identified as the “outsider left” by a recent pew poll and it was about 16% of the Democratic voter base. That’s a fucking problem. 16% of the base is likely to just not show up when they feel like politicians aren’t doing anything.


Youth who have seen the tail end of or have only known the cost of living growing beyond the compensation for labor aren’t excited to be voting for a party consisting of old wealthy people who are funded by massive corporations and have had no visible impact in improving their daily material conditions? Democrats need to get away from the center of the political spectrum and start championing workers in visible ways.


>With less than one year until the 2022 midterm elections, young voters — who turned out in high numbers for President Joe Biden in 2020 — warn that if the Biden administration and congressional Democrats don’t act now on issues important to young progressives, they could risk alienating the demographic. > >Citing college affordability, climate and immigration policy — the fate of which hangs in the balance amid negotiations over Democrats’ social safety net bill, known as the Build Back Better Act — young progressives are pleading for further investments while the Democratic Party currently holds a majority in both chambers of Congress and the White House.


Green New Deal, free college, Medicare for All… it just doesn’t compute for Democrats who came of age during the Reagan Administration. Crank it through their rusted, cobwebbed old machinery and it comes out as “tax relief for working families.” Let’s take apart the “working families” part. Working: Because they are incapable of ascribing value to a person other than what they might produce for an employer. Families: Because single adults without children do not compute to them. They are incapable of uttering the phrase “working *people*”. What, adults without children who think government should address their needs as well?! *sputter sputter PLONK* If they had kept pace with the trends of the past 40 years they would have put legalizing marijuana on the ballot in all 50 states to boost Democratic turnout. But they’re still all Just Saying No. Jesus on a pogo stick will some of these folk just retire already?


Some progressives generally don’t wanna hear this. But it’s true and obvious. Apathy is all over this sub.