‘Anonymized Data’ Is A Gibberish Term, And Rampant Location Data Sales Is Still A Problem

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Location data is particularly easy to reverse engineer to make it personally identifiable. Most people really don’t go to that many unique places or leave a fairly specific zone.


The multi million dollar legal teams agreed that your definition of ‘anonymized’ is incorrect, thus business will continue as usual. Did I hear you say you will be challenging that stance in court? Good luck and may god have mercy on your soul.


That’s like saying door locks are gibberish because someone can pick the lock with the right tools. Just because someone who doesn’t mean well can pull other data sets from other sources and piece it all together, doesn’t change that the initial dataset itself is anonymized. And it belies complete understanding of how companies use data to claim anonymized data isn’t useful to them.


All true, but then, are we prepared to actually *pay money* for stuff on the digital thinking machines? We need better laws on privacy, but data collection is nearly the entire internet paradigm.


gibberish? does that word mean a fucking lie?