Atheist in the South

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Be ready to hear about it alot. From work,to the office to out in public its every where. Usually starts with people assuming you go to church. Especially if your new somewhere. (So where ya go to church partna) . Usually trying to size you up and figure out which Christian club your in. However when you drop your athiest card they usually wig out. They are so scared of atheism down here like its contagious. Edit: yes I fucked some words up but you get the idea. Fuck the word nazis


Keep it quiet. Prepare to meet it head on. I went to southern Virginia. I had come from the north. The first thing I heard when I walked into a small town Denny’s was a table full of people reading the Bible! I thought, shit, they ain’t kidding when they call it the Bible Belt. LOL


Be prepared for people who will feel free to ask you where you go to church.


I grew up in Texas. If you are NOT planning on moving to a city, it can be lonely being non-believing.


I’m a born and bred Yankee who has been an atheist since I was a teenager, and I live in fucking ALABAMA! North Carolina has NOTHING on us as far as Biblebeltedness! I don’t care who knows that I’m an atheist. I don’t care who knows I fucking hate Trump. Stand up for yourselves and tell the rednecks to kissass. There are A LOT of intelligent free thinkers down here. I’m friends with plenty of rednecks as well. If you’re kind to people, they will be kind to you…even down here.