Baltimore County police officer convicted of 2nd degree rape sentenced to home detention

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“you have to stay home, where you can have your favorite booze and food delivered 24/7” how is that a punishment?


There is that Blue Line privilege that cops always seem to get. I wonder if it was the prosecutor or the judge that was so worried about kissing the union ass. Normally REPEAT offenders get more than four years of home confinement AFTER already spending ONE DAY in jail for an ASSAULT conviction. PATHETIC…


Totally fucked up I would probably go to prison if i had physically tried to stop him.


Wtf… is there nothing binding judges to some rules? Can they just do whatever the fuck they want? What the actual fuck is this???? Seriously, there needs to be new standards for judges.


It’s starting to look like crimes against women won’t be treated as crimes much longer.