Blue Chips Can Be Your Bangers

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I will continue to sink money into pre rev shit companies and you can’t stop me old man lmao


Investing shouldn’t be sophisticated. As long as Apple can sell a $400 iPhone for $1200 without a charger and then sell a separate charger for $20 which costs $.50 to make then you should invest into AAPL


Yeah blue chips (esp growth) are where lots of people “park” their money. Now imagine adding a modest amount of leverage…


I have 17 shares of AAPL at $132 cost basis, for the first time I’m understanding what some investors discuss when they say you have to continue to add to position when it’s going up. Can’t just sit on the sidelines because you don’t want to raise cost basis. DCAing helps me with this in a massive way.


I bought some NVDA 7 months ago… +108%.