Global warming has caused extreme ice melting events in Greenland to become more frequent and more intense over the past 40 years according to new research, raising sea levels and flood risk worldwide. Over the past decade alone, 3.5 trillion tonnes of ice has melted from the surface of the island.

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“From the surface” is a much bigger problem than people realize. This water isn’t taking a direct path to the ocean. As it flows it erodes the surface ice even further and falls into huge Moulins that puts that water underneath the glacier, not only eroding it but also acting like a lubricant and adding pressure to the underside of the glacier. There is a very real risk of the periphery of the Greenland Ice sheet to undergo a sudden collapse, and thus raising sea levels rather suddenly. Even a few inches would be disastrous.


Snow melts. Who knew???


let the danes drift to sea. This is just organic decolonisation.


Where are all the flooded underwater coastal cities??? We were promised NY, Miami would be underwater by now!